Christian Education


Commissioner of Education,
Sister Janice Kelly (615) 876-8740 x224

MISSION: To edify the body of Christ through teaching Christian knowledge, ethics, and principles. To oversee and maintain all areas of the church that requires Christian teachers. The Education committee also provides forum for informing the congregation about today’s social issues and their impact on the church.

Word of Life Bible College: A system of Biblical studies that seeks to educate the body of Christ further in Biblical truths and knowledge. The classes are held quarterly throughout the year. The college is open to all who desire to further their education and have completed high school or have a G.E.D certificate.
Dean: Elder Howard Nichols

Church School: This is the equivalent to Sunday School. This organization seeks to teach all, regardless of age, with Biblical truth and principles so that they may continue to perfect their character and be equipped for Christians living and service. Church School is presently held regularly on Sunday Mornings.
Director:  TBD

Scholarship / Honor Roll: This committee functions to develop, organize, and implement programs that award academic excellence either through scholarships for further advancement or recognition of outstanding academic achievement.
Coordinator: Sister Minnie Saunders

Tutorial Program: This program is designed to assist students in academic areas where they may be deficient or desire additional help. Director: TBD

God’s Enhanced Dream (G.E.D.) Program: This program was developed to train and prepare those desiring to complete high school and receive their Graduate Equivalency Diploma. Director: TBD

Conquering Co-Dependency: This is a ministry to assist people addicted to drugs, alcohol and other dependencies to accept freedom through Christ. This 12 step Christ centered program helps adults conquer anger, addictions and controlling emotions. Members meet each week to develop survival skills and receive encouragement and support.
Coordinator: TBD

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