Pastor’s Office: This office handles the business and ministry affairs of the Senior Pastor. This includes appointments, scheduling, membership records, and other similar areas.
Executive Secretary: Deaconess Betty Jones (615) 876-1702

Church Office: This office is the central location of all church business. This office handles all basic daily operations of the church.
Manager: Evangelist Misha Maynard (615) 876-8740 ext 204

Floral: This department is responsible for sending floral gifts to members during bereavement. This department also coordinates building floral arrangements.
Coordinator: Sister Teresa Campbell  (615) 876-8740 ext 200

Food Services: This components provides food & beverages services for the ministry. It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all church kitchens and dining areas.
Manager: Laronda Coles (615) 876-8740 ext 200

Finance Office: This office handles all church monies and financial records.
Financial Secretary: Evangelist Lettie Giles (615) 876-8740 ext. 203
Financial Office Clerk: Deacon Fred Kelly (615) 876- 8740 ext. 203

Volunteers’ Office: This component seeks to utilize the gifts of the church members with the work that God has purposed for this local assembly. Coordinator: Elder Sam Sanford

Maintenance Office: This department is responsible for the upkeep of all church grounds and facilities. Building Engineer: Deacon Michael Brady (615) 876-8740 ext. 251

Public & Media Relations: This component is responsible for distributing important communications of the ministry. This includes the newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, and other media outlets. TBD

Special Events: This component assists the pastor in planning and executing special events for the church such as Holidays. This component works closely with the Church Interior Design to decorate the church for the seasons.
Director: Elder Howard C. Young III (615) 876-8740 ext. 200

Church Picnic: This component plans the annual church family day fellowship.
Coordinator: TBD

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